Use Renewable Energy, LIVE Eco-Friendly – Erasmus Plus Project

Włochy, Rovigo 9-16sierpnia 2021

Wiatr, Woda, Słońce – Darmowa Energia

Many people do not understand how important it is to protect nature and the point that pollution has arrived nowadays. Besides many people hear about the renewable energy concept but do not know what this means and how to gain it. These problems and the necessities have been seen as a basis to create the activities of our project. 

Our project has been designed to emphasise how important the usage of these renewable energy resources is and saving for the future of our environment. Besides, activities have been planned in our project so that the participants discover their potentials and develop the current key competencies. 

• Ensuring the energy and renewable energy concepts to be understood in societies in a correct way,
• Supporting the policies carried out regarding to renewable energy,
• Increasing the usage of renewable energy and inform people in this case, 

• Explaining people about the importance of saving and its methods,
• Pointing attention to the World Saving Day and contributing to this day, • Increasing the awareness towards the importance of saving nature, • Creating a path for more volunteers to protect nature,
• Improving the capacity of the institutions that work in the protection of nature,
• Creating a path for more international collaborations for protecting nature,
• Learning the energy policies implemented in the European Union and supporting them,
• Learning the energy policies implemented in our country and supporting them, Contributing to the 2030 Climate & Energy Framework • Providing youngsters with education opportunities in which they can improve themselves,
• Contributing to the objectives of the Erasmus+ programme related to environment and climate,
• Presenting the people the Erasmus+ programme and its opportunities, • Disseminating the Erasmus+ programme and its content,
• Sharing the multi-cultural structure in the European Union and supporting it. 

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