Odborne vpred – Professionally ahead

Jako partnerzy w projekcie Erasmus+ „Professionally ahead” dzielimy się naszymi dobrymi praktykami związanymi z integracją społeczeństwa poprzez edukację proekologiczną i artystyczną jako pomoc w rozwoju terenów wiejskich zagrożonych  wykluczeniem. Propagujemy organiczne uprawy, odnawialne źródła energii oraz edukację kulturalną jako formy integracji społecznej.

Project Professionally ahead is prepared for schools and organizations to create materials and prepare them for proper entry into the first work in agriculture or related fields in the country.The aim of the project is based on the transfer of innovation and by completing the possibilities and the skills needed for work on farms to prepare graduates of vocational schools in the field of agriculture for the transition into practice.Partner organizations at various international meetings will provide the base for the creation of a study which examined the situation in employment in the agricultural sector with the needs of generational exchange.Based on the requirements of employers there will be created a set of requirements for knowledge and skills necessary for the practice of secondary vocational schools, which will be incorporated into teaching materials for teachers.Students in checking skills in crop and livestock production, mechanization, marketing and management of agricultural production and processing of agricultural products obtained and compared options in partner countries.All experience evaluates employers’ representatives for the countryside, where the information is transferred to practical use and future employment of graduates.Conditions and outcomes of the project will correspond to the Rural Development Program for the programming period 2014 -2020, and will ensure that all project participants and audiences will be directed to changes in legislation promoting rural development and improving youth employment in this area.Self-importance, we will focus on the theme of applying to Young farmers in the European horizon, when we compare their application in all partner countries to better prepare graduates and their transition into professional practice.An option is a form of self-employment developing certificate of privately employed farmer or company with agricultural activity.The ways and diversity in the partner countries will help young people in their view and skills needed for practice.



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