Let me breathe in a clean World

Erasmus Plus Project


36 Participants from 7 different countries came together for a project which is called „Let me breathe in a clean world!” between 23-30 august in Edirne-Turkey. Participated countries were Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Greece, and Turkey.

The main purpose of the project is to contribute to the fact that air pollution has reached the point in Edirne by showing it to the people in the city. Since air pollution is a problem in many European Union countries, it has been aimed to increase the sensitivity of the youth in this country and take a step towards mass mobilization of societies in air pollution. The objectives of the project are to inform young people about the institutions working on air pollution, to introduce the work of the European Commission, and to transfer the agreed Paris agreement to the participants. It is aimed that the young people will be more at peace with nature and to move away from the stress and bad energy of city life. 

It was aimed to provide the transfer of different cultures of the European Union and to improve the sense of European Union citizenship in the participants. 

The project was aimed at influencing the institutions working on air pollution and government policies and it is aimed that young people take an active role in these policies. It was aimed to ensure that more young volunteers are involved in the organizations working on air pollution. 

Participants organized different activities to find out ecological problems and the main causes of ecological problems. Besides, they learned many practical activities to be more ecofriendly. Participants had activities based on 3R and carbon footprint.

The final activity of the project was a flashmob to make locals think about the effects of air pollution on human health and lifestyle.

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