If you want them always fly, do not let the lake get dry

Erasmus Plus Project – 01-08.09.2021, Turkey

We can say that Kuscenneti National Park and Manyas Lake have been taken to the intensive care unit due to environmental pollution, and if the necessary intervention is not performed, Kuscenneti will lose its national park feature and Manyas lake will dry. It has been revealed by recent studies that the spread rate of nitrogen and phosphorus in Manyas lake is around 70%. The feeding resources of birds have decreased. Heavy metals accumulate in the bodies of birds and pose a serious threat to their lives. The lake is exposed to pesticide pollution.

We must protect Manyas Lake and the birds’ paradise.

Partner Organizations

  • Lake Protectors of Anatolia – Turkey
  • Eco-Power – Poland
  • Octop’us
  • Association Viaje a la Sostenibilidad – Spain
  • Estonian Nautical Schooll – Estonia
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