FEAR OF A BLANK PLANET – trening Erasmus Plus

Participants: 32 participants plus 4 experts (youth workers, staff persons, youngsters active in field of youth)-age 20+

„Fear of a Blank Planet” is a training course that will take place in Romania between 23 June and 2 July 2024 with 32 participants and 4 experts

The aim of the project is to develop professional competences for youth workers and provide them a set of tools to promote sustainability in work with youngsters


1. Increase awareness about “Environment and fight against climate change“ as a priority in Erasmus + youth projects

2. Develop youth workers’ key competences and their potential of educate youngsters to fight against climate change bad effects

3. Provide to youth workers a set of non-formal education tools to promote healthy lifestyle and well-being in activities with youngsters

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