Erasmus+ Project “You Need It or You Want It?”

From the 20th of February to the 3rd of March our organization participated in Erasmus+ Project – “You Need It or You Want It?” in Bușteni, Romania. And we have to admit, that it was something truly amazing. As the topic of the project says, we, along with participants from Greece, Latvia, Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey, Romania, and Bulgaria, were learning about our awareness of what we consume. And, of course, if we need what we consume.

During those days of nonformal education, we started to seriously think about our responsibility for the problem of overconsuming and we strengthened our skills in expressing ourselves, cooperating in teams, discussing problems, and meeting new people of different cultures. For the record, those people that we met were absolutely awesome! We were on a trip to the Bușteni Waterfall, Castle Bran, and Brasov, and we even managed to spend some time in the beautiful capital city of Romania – Bucharest! The whole project was extraordinary, something that we won’t forget for at least a very long time, everything was great!

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